VHPA, Art of Living, and Jain Society provide COVID-19 relief to India

In light of recent events in India, AMSCO founder Dinesh Shah and our owner Sanjay Shah have recently sent oxygen concentrators to the people of India amid the ventilator shortage and COVID surge. Donations include contributions from within the AMSCO network and VHPA Art of Living & Jain Society of Chicago network as we continue to support of struggling areas most effected. Currently facing the world’s worst outbreak, India is reporting new cases surging past 400,000 daily and have also broke the global record for the highest single-day figure. In addition to the ventilator shortage, ICU beds have also been hard to come by causing many families to frantically drive clinic to clinic in search of open beds for loved ones. The Indian government is currently working with the global community to secure more ventilators and other essential medical supplies to solve the crisis but the situation still remains dire.

Watch the news clip below to learn more about the recent contributions and efforts made by Dinesh and Sanjay Shah, alongside the VHPA Art of Living & Jain Society:

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